our mission partner

Your purchase is making a difference.

Through Table Threads, we wanted to make a difference in our world and help those in need. Therefore, we pledge to contribute 10% of all profits towards Children's Fortress Africa 🌍

Children’s Fortress Africa is a not-for-profit organisation whose main focus is helping street children in Nairobi, Kenya. There are an estimated 250,000 street kids in Kenya. Children’s Fortress Africa aims to see children restored to families, families strengthened to care for their children and send them to school, and young people given the opportunities and support required to overcome the challenges they face.

This organisation holds a very special place in our hearts as my husband and I had the privilege of joining their team in Kenya in January 2020. We experienced first-hand the impact they were having on the street children of Nairobi, Kenya and we will never forget how the team welcomed & loved us like family.

To find out more, please visit https://www.childrensfortressafrica.org/